The next step is a professional flooring installation after you pick a fantastic floor covering. This service brings peace of mind and the best possible installation.

Many homeowners ask how they can prepare for this critical service. Here are some facts that will help you prepare for your upcoming flooring installation.

Preparation is key

It's essential to schedule a time when the process won't rush you for the best results. Our technicians will talk with you in advance to ensure the best day and time for you.

We'll also discuss furniture removal for the rooms where we install your new flooring. As you prepare for our flooring store technician’s arrival, you may want to remove wall hangings, vases, and anything else with sentimental value.

Once your team arrives

The flooring installation team will need access to electrical outlets for any tools they’ll use. Before installation, you should set your HVAC as it's typically set to ensure everyone’s comfort.

If you've picked a product that requires acclimation, we will finish that by installation day. This way, we can start installing them as soon as well arrive.

If you have questions about the products, service, or aftercare, speak with a technician once the flooring installation is over. We’ll be happy to give you the answers you need. And we can give you tips for cleaning and care before we leave your home.

Contact us for the best flooring installation

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