Top-quality waterproof flooring for your home

Do your floors always appear grimy and stained, no matter how often you’ve cleaned them? We can help! Our top-quality waterproof flooring includes the best mix of looks, longevity, and easy upkeep.    S&S TOTAL FLOOR CARE provides an extensive range of durable waterproof flooring at affordable pricing.   Call us today.

Waterproof flooring will make your life easier

The resolution to your flooring problems lies in our excellent assortment of waterproof flooring. It can withstand spills or liquids and is amazingly simple to clean with just a damp cloth.
Our waterproof floors aren’t just functional and easy to upkeep, they’re beautiful to look at as well. From traditional to modern, there are various designs and styles to choose from, so you’re sure to discover what you hope for from our extensive inventory.

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Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and more

Hard-surface floors are preferred for areas like bathrooms and kitchens. We offer hard-wearing, low-maintenance waterproof vinyl flooring that executes phenomenally in any area of your house where water is periodically utilized. They come in tile and plank styles, with an outstanding collection of colors and textures that look like real wood or tiles.   Due to a blend of the latest technology and state-of-the-art materials, you’ll not have to think about our top-end quality waterproof floors buckling, cracking, or warping, even in flood conditions.   Waterproof vinyl flooring will satisfy your wishes once more if you're searching for a floor with fantastic scratch resistance. Due to a protective wear layer, these floors can easily resist scratches, scrapes, nicks, and dents.

How it works

One: receive a free quote
Contact us, and our friendly crew will be delighted to talk about our waterproof flooring collection and offer you a free quote.

Two: price and timeframe
After you’ve picked your flooring, we'll provide you with a price and decide on a date for delivery and installation.

Three: we install your waterproof flooring
The important day has arrived! Our waterproof flooring specialists begin installing your lovely new floor.

Four: final checks and warranty
After we install your flooring, our team will perform a last check to confirm that you’re happy with it all. We will also discuss the maintenance instructions and warranty for your waterproof floor.
Waterproof flooring in Americus, GA from S&S TOTAL FLOOR CARE

Visit us for waterproof flooring and more

We have an extensive collection from numerous individual lines, so please give our experienced team a ring if you’d like any direction about which product to pick. They know everything about waterproof flooring and can help you choose the most acceptable material.   People who buy new floors expect them to last very long. Of course, the quality of the products is crucial, but so is the quality of the installation. Our expert technicians have years of practice and will install your floors fast to the finest standards.   Visit us to see our large selection of waterproof and water-resistant flooring. Stop by our Americus, GA showroom today! We serve Americus, GA, Buena Vista, GA, Leesburg, GA, Montezuma, GA, and Ellaville, GA.